"Good enough is not enough"

Everytime a new piece of me is created, I put all my passion, love, knowledge, experience and expertise into making creation that meet the demands of emotions and ideas. I always strive to achieve a perfect balance between carefully selected contents, beautiful picture, high quality, flexible and good value.

After a year working at Cactus Studio in Singapore, a studio specializing in visual advertising production for major markets such as Singapore, Thailand and Japan. Then I returned to Vietnam to continue working in communication industry for over 7 years. I’ve worked with many local and global clients, participated from creative stage from production stage.

It takes a lot of time for me to accumulate valuable experiences from my chances working in real big projects.
The most amazing milestone in my life is becoming a Director. That can help me to tell someone’s story in most compelling way. Give that story the highest and most honest emotions then turn it into colorful footage. That’s my endless passion.
Phone: +84 902347691
Mail: tonylamhoang@me.com
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